Become a Corporate Sponsor for Farney Elementary

It’s no secret that business growth is tied to great relationships within the community. One way to increase your community connection is to invest where the hearts and minds of your customers are, with our children. For most of us this means schools are a community organizing point.

Farney Elementary PTO invites businesses to be community sponsors to help support our children and families. In these unprecedented times, our focus is on supporting our educators, adding edu-marking on hard surfaces of the playground extending learning outdoors, funding virtual author visits or other enrichment, as well as technology materials and supplies the school may request.

The Farney Elementary PTO is a non-profit organization. ALL donations are Tax-Deductible as allowed by the law.

REMEMBER---the sooner you become a sponsor, the more exposure you will have in our school and community!

Become a Sponsor TODAY!

Contact our VP of Primary Fundraising at for more information.


Staff appreciation event sponsorship Opportunities

The Farney community would normally come together to serve pot-luck meals and treats to teachers and staff every month alternating. Under current conditions, we are encouraging Community Sponsors to select an individual event they want to sponsor and either coordinating a donation to the PTO for that specific event or sending bagged treats and trinkets ready for the PTO to distribute.

All event sponsors will have their name and link featured in the PTO FB page and group on a Thank You post related to the event and logo with link included under Event Sponsors on the website Community Sponsors page.


Staff Appreciation Events (120 ppl)

$200 $400 $800
 September  Luncheon     X
 October  Treat Date   X    
 November  Staff Appreciation Lunch     X
 December  Holiday Gifts & Treats X X  
 January  Staff Appreciation Lunch     X
 February  Treat Date   X    
 March  Staff Appreciation Lunch     X
 April  Treat Date X    
 May   Staff Appreciation Lunch     X


We welcome all suggestions for event sponsorships. You may select donating funds for any of these by clicking the button below.


General sponsorship opportunities 

Community Sponsorship










 One promotion on FB 


 Your logo, video or other

 media posted directly to the

 Farney PTO Page & Group



Click here to complete the form required for sponsorship.






 Two Promotions on FB


 Your logo, video or other media

 posted directly to the Farney PTO

 Page & Group




 Quarterly Promotions

 inside FB Page/Group (4)

 Your logo, video or other media

 posted directly to the Farney PTO

 Page & Group



 12 months Logo

 Promotion on website

 Your logo linked to your website

 listed the same size as all others

 at your level on our Community

 Sponsors Thanks “billboard” page

 on PTO Website.




 Flyer distribution

 1X/semester in


 A link to your PDF flyer (1 page)

 will be distributed with the PTO

 electronic newsletter




 Logo In Yearbook

 Logo included at same size as all

 others in the Yearbook on a

 Thank you Community Sponsors







In-Kind Sponsorships or donations

Donate Items


How to do it? 

 Your Swag Items

 Shirts, Cups, or Trinkets


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 Spirit Shop Items

 Your logo, video or other media

 posted directly to the Farney PTO

 Page & Group

 Freebies or Giveaways

 Coupons or certificates for free

 things, these cannot require purchase or simply

 be a discount on a purchase


 Thank you for your support!