When adults volunteer, all students benefit! There are many opportunities for parents and community members to get involved!  Your help is needed!  




In addition to completing the Farney Volunteer Information form - you must be registered as a volunteer with CFISD: If you are the parent, grandparent or legal guardian of a student enrolled in the CFISD school where you wish to volunteer, please register with the district by creating a Volunteer Portal Account.



*please note, receiving your password from donotreply@raptortech.com may take up to 5 business days

Be sure to document all your volunteer hours at: http://tinyurl.com/farneyhours


All volunteers who have recorded at least one volunteer hour in the current school year will receive an invitation to the annual VIPS Appreciation Luncheon.



Not seeing volunteer opportunities? Please log in or create your membership toolkit account.



We are very appreciative of your assistance. The guidelines below will ensure we are adhering to confidentiality policies, and being a support to the staff and students while we are volunteering.


Please be respectful of school rules:

  •  Check in at the front desk with your driver’s license, and wear name tag at all times. This is for our       children’s safety.
  •  If you change your location that is printed on your name tag, please go back to the front to have a new   one printed.
  •  Due to student confidentiality, please do not cut through the administrative office areas to get to the   workroom. Walk around through the doors off the main hall to get to the workroom.
  •  Take lengthy conversations out of the front office. Voices can carry in the front office making it difficult     to hear.
  •  Only authorized volunteers or staff will be allowed to put items in the teacher’s mail boxes. If you have   not been given that authorization, please give mail box items to the front desk or leave in the workroom   for a Farney staff member to distribute.
  •  If your child will be leaving with you at the end of the day, you must make the transportation change by   3:15; otherwise they will go home by their regular mode of transportation.
  •  Please be aware of the school dress code and dress accordingly.
  •  Remember to put cell phones on vibrate as not to disturb instruction.
  •  We love our Future Farney Falcons; however, younger siblings cannot accompany you into the   instructional areas during school hours

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